I picked up this Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream on a natural beauty haul a few weeks ago.

It all started with a power outage that ended up lasting 24 hours. In the grand scheme of things that really isn’t a long time. It was definitely long enough to appreciate things I so often don’t even think about, like having heat. It was so cold in the house after a night without heat that I made plans to be out of the house for most of the next day.

My plan was to go to the gym and take as long as I wanted. Before heading to the gym I stopped at the store for firewood. I stocked up like I was doomsday prepping. I also hit up the natural beauty aisle because I had all the time on my hands.

I picked up a lot of great things that have filled in some of the gaps in my beauty routine. One of those things was this cream, which filled my need for a water based facial moisturizer.

As I’ve been more mindful and minimal about my skincare routine I’ve started relying more and more on oil cleansing. I love it. It takes off any make up, cleans my pores and leaves my face sufficiently moisturized, especially during the cold and dry northern winter months.

There are just two problems with relying solely on the oil cleansing method.

First, my skin is prone to congestion and sometimes it feels like the oil is a little too heavy and promotes congestion and breakouts.

Second, it’s a funny thing about oils that they don’t actually moisturize, they just create a moisture barrier. If my skin is dry (like if I wait too long to moisturize after washing my face) then the oil has the opposite effect from what’s intended: instead of keeping my skin moisturized it keeps it tight and dry. Then as water evaporates from my skin through the day (as is normal) my skin gets drier and tighter.


I needed my water based facial moisturizer to address both of these issues. This cream mostly does that.




Who Is It For

  • Those who need a water based moisturizer that’s non-toxic, sustainable, and not too heavy.
  • Those with sensitive skin.

When To Skip It

  • If you have very dry skin or if you’re sensitive to scent.

Would I Buy Again

I think I would buy this again as a summer moisturizer. It’s a bit too light for winter.


What do you think?

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