Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Mask continues to be the introductory Asian Beauty product for a lot of people. You may not remember where or when you first heard of it, but it’s likely you’ve heard of “the bubble mask” by now.


It’s true, it’s carbonated. It bubbles and turns into a thick foam, which makes you look ridiculous and also  makes for a really fun solo or group spa adventure. Sadly, aside from the novelty of carbonation this mask doesn’t score major points.


This mask is advertised as a pore cleansing clay mask that’s carbonated. The carbonation seems to be it’s claim to fame but it isn’t clear what purpose it serves other than novelty.

As expected, two forms of clay (kaolin and bentonite) plus charcoal, collagen, and a few other beneficial ingredients. Less expected are potentially unsafe solvents, surfactants, synthetic fragrance and preservatives including methylparaben.

See cosdna for a full list of ingredients.


The mask smells very nice, but with synthetic fragrance as an ingredient it doesn’t get full points for the scent. It comes with a small spatula for spreading onto the skin.

It goes on smooth and silky then starts to bubble almost right away. The bubbling itself feels as you would expect. Once the mask has fully bubbled up, it can sting for some people (myself included.)



The mask is a little difficult to remove. You should be sure to only spread a thin layer over skin because a thicker layer won’t fully bubble up and as a result will be harder to take off, especially if you aren’t using a wash cloth or konjac sponge.

It doesn’t seem to dry out skin but it also doesn’t have the pore tightening effect that clay masks are known for. It’s possible that this mask works wonders for some people but overall it wasn’t exceptional and didn’t really impress. It does get some points for novelty, scent and the fun factor.

What do you think?

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